The new style of home care

When you think of home care, the first thing that might come to mind is medication reminders or maybe even hoisted support but there’s a lot more to it than that. People can feel overwhelmed and unable to cope in their own home without knowing there is support available to them. 

Home care can help you with general housework, keeping on top of your laundry, your waste bins and keeping your house sanitary and comfortable for you. Action Care Management has a dedicated cleaning crew that can take on a range of tasks in your home. We are BCCA certified so our clients can rest assured that we’re dependable as well as fully trained in all aspects of domestic cleaning. From deep cleans, to general dusting, we have you covered in helping keep your home comfortable for you.

Homecare can also offer you great companionship. From cinema trips to helping you meet up with your friends, homecare is a great way to retain your independence and freedom while still being sociable. If you’re unable to go out, your caregiver can provide a friendly ear and someone to help with your hobbies and crafts.

Our preconceived notions of who should access homecare and what services they provide means that a lot of people aren’t getting the benefits that could help them in their lives. More freedom, someone to talk to and help with chores and household necessities are things homecare can offer people.

We’re passionate about knocking down these misconceptions so that all people who would benefit from these services can know they’re available to them.